A Lipstick A Day (MAC’s Out To Shock)

Ever since I was gifted by a friend with M.A.C‘s Out to Shock lipstick (LE) I have puzzled myself over the appropriate way to wear it. It’s a frost finish, not my favourite, and incredibly pale. The above photo is rather deceptive, the flash having picked up the pink undertones of the shade, but when applied to the lips, especially when applied to my own already pigmented ones, it has always washed me out.

Not wanting to be beaten by it’s icy unwearablity, I decided to pair it with a lipliner (not something I ever use, normally). I chose Topshop‘s Cashmere lip pencil, a soft rose, very similar to my own lips but just a touch darker. I outlined and filled them in with the pencil, and then popped Out to Shock on top, blending it out with my finger – and I think I can happily say I have finally found a way to wear this lipstick without looking like a throw back from the 80s, or ill!

The result is a very natural, pale pink. Although it does retain it’s shimmering frostiness, it’s a lot more muted with Cashmere underneath. And rather pretty, too!