Satellite3 Lipsticks

I have long been a fan of Satellite3, the cosmetics brand with a Space inspired theme launched by renowned makeup artist Glauca Rossi. Loved by industry insiders and makeup artists, Satellite3 produce Italian made cosmetics that offer exceptional pigmentation and pay off, as well as a largely unusual colour palette to choose from. What strikes me about the lipsticks in particular, is the price for such quality – the refills as they are called, without the little rocket casing (so cute!) are just £5.99, less than half the price of a M.A.C lipstick!

I recently picked up a few more of the lovely Satellite3 lipsticks, and thought I would share them with you!

Beam Me Up has to be a firm favourite in my collection, it’s such an unusual shade of full on orange. Moon Landing is the perfect rosey nude, that will go with a deep smokey eye for night time or an every day neutral eye and still give a lovely healthy pop of colour.

So if you are looking for new lipsticks and want to try something different without breaking the bank, then I really do suggest giving Satellite3 a little look. The quality is just as good as M.A.C lipsticks, in my humble opinion!

The rocket fuel refills are £5.99, or you can buy a lipstick refill and the rocket casing for £15.99. Available online from